Thursday, May 31, 2018

Starbucks Employees React to the "Racial Bias Training"

Tim Pool is a solid reporter and overall the below video is important. The deeper into the video the better it gets. And at the end, there is a truly horrific story about what happened to two cafe workers in the wake of Starbucks "racial bias training."

 hat said in the first part of the video, I think he is buying too much into the idea that "racial bias" exists to a significant degree at the retail level in the United States. I doubt it. As I have pointed out before, the working rule at most retail outlets is, and it has a long tradition,  "The customer always right." This goes for customers of all races. Merchants in the 21st century one sales and they will take purchases from anyone that is a willing buyer.




  1. These days it's hard to know what each person means when they say "racism." However, if it means having a negative impression in one's mind of a particular group, then isn't the ridiculous assumption that all whites harbor implicit or hidden racial bias itself a form of racism?

    This has long been a tenet of Progressivism, that even if you can't find explicit racial bias, it is self-evident that all whites think this way, and that this therefore justifies all of the affirmative action regulatory programs.

    Generally, that's just creepy, trying to change minds through the use of force (isn't that what totalitarian regimes do? 1984, anyone?). In addition, this is of a piece with the "war on terror," since one can always conjure up faux threats which are not falsifiable to justify enlarging government.

  2. Everyone knows that all whites are racist nazis, so it's okay for Starbucks to alienate this small group. After all, how many whites actually spend money at Starbucks? I'm sure they can afford to demonize this group and lose their sales without affecting the bottom line, especially since the homeless that now use their cafes as shelters will be buying their products.

    1. So Google took the next step calling republicans nazis

    2. You say Nazi like it's a bad thing ;-)

  3. Well, we know Black America is an important market segment for Starsucks. I make it a point not to buy anything from these libtard bastards.