Thursday, May 10, 2018

'Sexuality Expert' Says Babies Should “Give Consent” to Having Their Diapers Changed by Their Parents

I don't think even the founders of the Frankfurt School ever dreamed their nutty theories would reach such absurd lengths.

Breitbart notes: "She failed to communicate what would or should happen if said baby refuses 'consent' to having their diaper changed."

-Robert Wenzel  


  1. The “expert” talks about body language and eye contact from babies. Notice her body language and shifty eyes. Right after the interviewer asks, “From birth?” with appropriate disbelief, the expert looks down and laughs a little. That’s arrogance.

  2. These are the same idiots that are both in favor of radical feminism and importing hordes of muslims who repress women. The pink hair should be treated as a target for a bullet.

  3. I'd be in favor of asking newborns if they consent to the Constitution and, unless they affirmatively signed "yes," regard that as definitive proof that it doesn't bind them.

  4. I'm an expert and I claim she's an idiot.