Thursday, May 10, 2018

Michael Cohen is a Screwup as a Fixer

By Michael D'Antonio

As a fixer, Michael Cohen is a disaster.

Charged with protecting then-candidate Donald Trump from the negative publicity that would arise from his alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, he created Essential Consultants, a company which tried -- and, as the last few months prove, failed -- to buy her silence for $130,000.

And after Trump became president, Cohen kept using Essential Consultants to do business with clients who sought his advice on financial matters and dealings with the Trump administration. Millions of dollars flowed into the firm from companies that believed, for the right price, the President's fixer could assist them.

Now it seems the firm that Cohen used to help get Trump elected could threaten the presidency.
We know that Cohen is the man behind Essential Consultants because he signed the paperwork that established it as a limited liability company. The rules governing LLCs allow those who create them to hide their identities. Cohen's signature is the sign of an amateur at work and belies his claim to be Trump's best problem solver.

But let's break down Cohen's fixer issues even further. Essential Consultants' first product, the hush agreement with Daniels, may not have been fully executed and is now subject to Stormy Daniels' legal challenge, which is being pursued by attorney Michael Avenatti.

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  1. Looks like Trump should have been using Michael Clayton. :)