Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Michael Cohen 'Asked Qatari Investor for Millions of Dollars' Which He Said He Would 'Pass to Trump Family Members'

Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, is reported to have asked a Middle Eastern official for millions of dollars to give to 'Trump family members' in a meeting at Trump Tower weeks after the president's election victory, reports the

Cohen is alleged to have asked Ahmed Al-Rumaihi, a former diplomat in charge of a $100  billion Qatari investment fund, to send 'millions' through him to Trump family members. A source told that the Qatari said he refused.

Al-Rumaihi on Tuesday issued a statement confirming that he was at Trump Tower at the time of the alleged Cohen request. A photograph (above) shows that he was part of a group greeted by Cohen, who went up in an elevator with them.

The report appears genuine. So the question now becomes: Was Cohen trying to shakedown Qatar for his own benefit or for that of Trump and if it was for Trump does special counsel Mueller have recordings that Cohen might have made discussing such a shakedown with Trump?

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  1. Cohen is really playing up to many people's worst stereotypes about certain (((lawyers))).