Saturday, May 12, 2018

John McAfee Wants Morgan Freeman to Play Him in a Movie About His Life

John McAfee
Morgan Freeman

There is speculation that a movie made be made about the curious life of John McAfee.

During an interview, McAfee told Patrick Bet-David that he would like to see Morgan Freeman play him in such a movie.

The entire interview is fascinating. McAfee, who founded but no longer owns McAfee Security, provides the best analysis of privacy on the internet (or lack thereof) and provides the best commentary on how to protect your privacy. His take on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is fascinating as are his comments on the FBI as a power center.

The only part of the interview, where I disagree with him, is his take on Bitcoin but overall this is brilliant McAfee commentary.

-Robert Wenzel  


  1. The fat chick from "Precious" would be a better pick.

  2. Look up that time he drugged and raped a young chemist he hired to put on a show of doing research on new medicines to Bill investors. The guy is fascinating, but I think he's a nut