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How an FBI Informant Worked Trump Campaign Adviser George Papadopoulos

George Papadopoulos
At some point in 2016, a retired American professor began approaching different Trump advisers. According to the Washington Post, he was a secret informant for the FBI.

He was successful in reaching out to advisers, Carter Page, Sam Clovis and George Papadopoulos.

WaPo has not identified the professor, writing:
The Washington Post — after speaking with people familiar with his role — has confirmed the identity of the FBI source who assisted the investigation, but is not reporting his name following warnings from U.S. intelligence officials that exposing him could endanger him or his contacts.
President Trump has tweeted, likely referencing the professor :

Here is WaPo reporting on the methods used by the professor to reach out to Papadopoulos:
[O]n Sept. 2, 2016, the professor reached out to a third Trump aide, emailing Papadopoulos.

People familiar with his outreach to Papadopoulos said it was done as part of the FBI’s investigation. The young foreign-policy adviser had been on the radar of the FBI since the summer, and inside the campaign had been pushing Trump and his aides to meet with Russian officials.

“Please pardon my sudden intrusion just before the Labor Day weekend,” the professor wrote to Papadopoulos in a message described to The Post.

He said he was leading a project examining relations between Turkey and the European Union. He offered to pay Papadopoulos $3,000 to write a paper about the oil fields off the coast of Turkey, Israel and Cyprus, “a topic on which you are a recognized expert.”

It is a long-standing practice of intelligence operatives to try to develop a source by first offering the target money for innocuous research or writing.

The professor invited Papadopoulos to come to London later that month to discuss the paper, offering to pay the costs of his travel. “I understand that this is rather sudden but thought given your expertise, it might be of interest to you,” he wrote.

Papadopoulos accepted. While in London, he met for drinks with a woman who identified herself as the professor’s assistant, before meeting on Sept. 15 with the professor at the Traveler’s Club, a 200-year-old private club that is a favorite of foreign diplomats stationed in London, according to the emails described to The Post.

After Papadopoulos returned to the United States and sent his research document, the professor responded: “Enjoyed your paper. Just what we wanted. $3,000 wired to your account. Pls confirm receipt.”
-Robert Wenzel  


The identity of the professor has been uncovered.

The Daily Caller reports it is Stefan Halper, a University of Cambridge professor with CIA and MI6 contacts.

Stefan Halper

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