Monday, May 28, 2018

Godfrey Bloom: England is Moving Toward a Soviet Union East Germany Style of Government With No Ability for the Average Person to Speak His Views

The former member of the British parliament Godfrey Bloom discusses the Tommy Robinson arrest and jailing 




  1. It reminds me of the "we are change" video when he was interviewing people in England about freedom of speech and one guy he met on the street mentions that he was thrown in jail for "misgendering" someone.

  2. "...No freedom of speech, no freedom at all for the ordinary citizen to express his views..."

    On the contrary sir. The average muslim refugee has the freedom to express his desire to turn England into an Islamic caliphate that is run under Sharia law. The fact that you recognize that you belong to a group that will be eliminated under such a system simply makes you a collectivist. Your desire to use the existing apparatus of the state to protect yourself and your group from being destroyed when the other group uses the state as a weapon against you simply makes you a statist. The fact that you are doing this while being white simply makes you a racist.

    1. They make medicines to help people like you, Paul.

    2. Tell your colleagues at the ADL and SPLC that I said hello.