Thursday, May 31, 2018

Facebook Sinking Fast Among US Teens

Facebook is rapidly losing ground against rival internet platforms in attracting and keeping US teenagers, A Pew Research Center report states.

The survey found 51 percent of US teens ages 13 to 17 use Facebook, compared with 85 percent for YouTube, 72 percent for Instagram and 69 percent who are on Snapchat.

The landscape has shifted since a 2014-15 Pew survey which found Facebook leading other social networks with 71 percent of the teen segment.

According to the survey, 95 percent of the teens survey said they used a smartphone and 45 percent were online "almost constantly," with both figures showing increases from prior surveys.

"The social media environment among teens is quite different from what it was just three years ago," said Pew researcher Monica Anderson, the lead author of the report.

"Back then, teens' social media use mostly revolved around Facebook. Today, their habits revolve less around a single platform. At the same time we've seen this shift, teens are more digitally connected than ever."




  1. Hahaha now we see a crowd throwing around its weight. I wonder if Fakebook will go the way of MySpace. Sure would be funny.

  2. Deleted mine months ago. I was so active. Now that I'm gone I don't even miss it. Delete yours folks!

  3. Not really news.