Tuesday, May 15, 2018

CONFRONTATION: A barista refused to serve a man ‘being really racist’ to a Muslim

The Washington Post sets the scene:
Kathleen “Amina” Deady stood in front of a pastry counter in Riverside, Calif., holding a key fob and wearing a veil across her face.

Only her eyes peeked through the veil. In Islam, it is called a niqab, though the man standing in front of Deady at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Friday had other words for it.

“Is this Halloween or something?” he asked Deady, leaning in toward her and scowling as she began to record on her phone.

Behind the counter, two baristas looked up with concern.

If I owned a cafe, I would have thrown him out also, not necessarily because he was racist, but because of his harassment of other customers.

-Robert Wenzel  


  1. If you own the place you should be able to kick him out cause his eyes are too narrow if you want, of course.
    The Muslim woman was incorrect too though, and obviously hasn’t read the Bible.
    Jesus certainly never said to kill unbelievers.
    Quite the opposite.
    He said, “ but I give you a new commandment, to love your enemies, and do good to those that persecute you”.
    Just sayin.

  2. Yesterday a suicide bomber kills four civilians.

    Day prior:
    A local official is assassinated at his home by Jihadis.

    Suicide bombers kill ten civilians.

    A family that includes four children carries out suicide bombings of three churches, killing themselves and thirteen others.

    A man yells praises to Allah as he stabs passersby outside an opera house, killing one.

    200 murdered every week. Religion of peace.

    1. From the perspective of the Muslim world, the Christian West has been waging aggressive war against their people unceasingly for decades.

      Read up on Robert Pape's work on the motivations for suicide terrorism. Suicide terrorism is a political tactic used against a foreign occupier. It is blowback for US foreign policy. If we want to decrease Muslim terrorist attacks against United States citizens, we should simply withdraw all troops from the Middle East, close all bases in the region, and cut all foreign aid and support to Israel.

      It's quite easy to cherry-pick the isolated actions of extremists and then claim that they are representative of the entire group to which they belong. This simply isn't true and libertarians, who pride themselves on their adherence to methodological individualism, ought to know better.

      The guy in this video was an ignorant jerk and a racist, and the owner of this store had every justification for refusing him service.

      There is a very well funded anti-Islam lobbying campaign in this country. A coupe of names associated with it are Frank Gaffney and Bridgitte Gabriel. Their funding usually comes from Likud-aligned Israel-first Zionists and neo-Conservatives. Their propagation of fact-free Islamophobia conditions the public to accept wars of aggression in the middle east and the entire Neo-con foreign policy agenda.

      Libertarians don't need to be concerned about attitudes such as those expressed by the man in this video for Leftist emotional-snowflake P.C. reasons. We should be concerned about them because we know which interests are propagating the ideas filling the uncluttered heads of common folk, and what agenda they serve.

    2. Once the government learns how to weaponize the autism of lolbertarians, it will prove to be even more deadly than islam.

    3. @Jrodfeld

      Great post. The state desperately needs an external threat to justify and distract from its predation and graft. If one doesn’t exist, it will inevitably invent one or prop one up.

      I was shocked by the youtube comments on Tom Woods’ recent video on the Iran deal. While there’s been a worrisome alt-right bent among his audience over the past couple of years, they’ve mostly been solidly anti-war. But on this video, many if not most comments were anti-Muslim or even pro-war. I’m not normally paranoid, but this has to be paid trolls, right?

    4. --- Once the government learns how to weaponize the autism of lolbertarians [...] ---

      A planet where Trumpista Fascists accuse libertarians of being too 'individualistic'?

    5. "Once the government learns how to weaponize the autism of lolbertarians, it will prove to be even more deadly than islam."

      Once again, the intellectually impoverished on this site repeat their gradeschool-level comments that they think are so creative. The funny thing is, actual autism involves impaired communication, which seems to be a trademark of the OP.

  3. Where do people learn to be so uncivil to strangers?

    Robert, you should send the store manageress a copy of your PPS book. Part of her response to why she was not serving the antagonist was that he was disrupting a "public place." She obviously has no conception of private property.

    1. "Where do people learn to be so uncivil to strangers?"

      It could be a learned behavior from past experiences. This man may have lost family members to islamic terrorists or have previously lived in an area that has now been flooded with muslim refugees. Many whites that have lived among blacks feel exactly the same way, regardless of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. If you have negative experiences with a group, you tend to treat members of that group poorly.

    2. @Paul

      Or, more likely, his brain has been destroyed from an overdose of Fox News.

    3. Seriously, he is far more likely to have a loved one who has been killed by a cop than by a terrorist. What a lame excuse.

      People are afraid of Muslims because they are cowards and fools.

    4. "If you have negative experiences with a group, you tend to treat members of that group poorly."

      Paul, would you agree that it is wrong to treat someone poorly, even if they've done nothing wrong, just because another member of their group did something wrong?

    5. @Paul Hansen,
      --- This man may have lost family members to islamic terrorists [...]---

      An extremely, extremely unlucky guy if what you assume is correct.

      --- Many whites that have lived among blacks feel exactly the same way ---

      You mean whites like Dylann Roof? Or which whites are you alluding to? I only know the whites I wear under my pants.

    6. I've known a man who lost two family members on 9/11 and was later killed by muslims himself, but of course since no lolbertarians know of any such people, they must not exist, much like high black crime rates are statistical anomalies because Walter Williams .

      This man obviously feels that the woman is wrong for bringing her culture (veils and muslims garb) into this country and is expressing his opinion on it, much as most muslim men would do to any scantily clad western woman in Saudi Arabia. At least he's doing it in person. There are plenty of examples on this website's comment section of people being uncivil to each other behind anonymous handles because they know there aren't any repercussions.

  4. If the woman has a husband, then the dude is lucky he wasn’t there. But maybe he wouldn’t have been so tough then?
    If someone was speaking to my wife like this I would sure pull a jihad on him. For whatever reason.

    1. @Joshua

      So the NAP goes out the window once your feels get hurt? Quite the principled libertarian you are...

    2. I didn’t say that I would be following the NAP. I meant it more to fact that as a husband, I wouldn’t let my wife be talked to like that. I would flatten the guy. Mr. Libertarian Walter Block, when I asked him this exact question, agreed that, while I would be disregarding the NAP, it would be not much of a man who would stand aside while his wife was verbally abused.
      Some Folks like to use the NAP to hide behind when they need a good punch in the nose.
      Call me all the names you want, I’m fine with that. Call my wife names, get knocked out.

    3. Yeah, the private property society is going to go really far when everyone like you starts chimping out when someone rustles your jimmies.

    4. If you think not letting someone be verbally derogative to your wife is chimping out, I feel sorry for your spouse.

    5. I don't go around assaulting people because they said something mean. That's behavior I don't allow from my toddler, much less a grown adult.

  5. By the way, when did 'muslim' become a race?