Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Alex Jones Considering Leaving YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, Entirely

Alex Jones, the founder of the extremely popular Infowars, said on an Infowars broadcast Monday that he is considering leaving the mainstream social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, completely.

He made the statement during a commentary discussing the tactics he believes mainstream social media sites use to block and hide traffic of Infowars postings to visitors of the media sites.

Indeed, he may have the critical mass to pull off such a move successfully and cause more ocasional viewers to tune in more regularly rather than because of a nudge at a social media post.

Although I don't think most libertarian sites are there yet in terms of mainstream harassment (We experience it generally only at the margins). pay attention to what Jones does. It may be something that more hardline libertarian sites may have to do in the future as censorship, for whatever reason, continues to intensify at mainstream social medium operations.

Such outlets tend to lean lefty anyway but they are also under extreme government pressure to muffle those arguing for more liberty and against the Empire.

-Robert Wenzel  


  1. Do it Alex and I will avidly support your trailblazing. Breaking away now is a good time as MSM reputation is at an all time low. Lets not let the the current warmongering blow up into something bigger to distract the easily led.

  2. I respect Alex Jones. I have always considered him to be our generations Samuel Adams. However, I think he sold out to Trump $$$. I will occasionally listen to David Knight, who I think is a good investigative journalist. I haven't listened to Jones for years, but I too would go out of my way to support him if he made this move.

  3. Alex has not been touched by censorship. He is cointel. Wake the f up robert.

    Hundreds of channels have been taken down totally in the last year. People telling the real truth. Not a straw man like alex.

  4. I'm glad we have people with differing opinions that are able to be heard. That said, Alex Jones is nutbar factor 9. He shouldn't be censored, but this guy has literally never heard a conspiracy theory he didn't assume was true.