Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Political Quiz That Had to be Designed by Some Guy Under the Influence of LSD While Snorting Cocaine at the Same Time

Laurence M. Vance writes:
The Dumbest Political Quiz Ever

The Political Compass quiz. Libertarian economist Dan Mitchell took the quiz and comments:
I think two of the examples they provide are somewhat crazy. First, Hitler was the head of the National Socialist Workers Party and he belongs on the left side of the horizontal axis. Second, it’s absurd to have Thatcher anywhere near Stalin and Hitler on the vertical axis.
Some of the other results are very bizarre. First of all, Milton Friedman magically moved. Now he’s very libertarian on social issues, but squishy on economics. Needless to say, that’s nonsense. But not nearly as nonsensical as Benito Mussolini being on the far right for economic policy. That’s crazy. He was a strident opponent of capitalism. Likewise, they have Hillary Clinton on the right side of the spectrum for economic policy. The person who did that must have been on some crazy drugs at the time. And I’m not a Trump fan, but I think it’s laughable to have him ranked as more authoritarian than Mugabe, Mao, and Castro.

-Robert Wenzel  

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  1. Stupid quiz. Vague in many of the questions. In many questions it doesn't distinguish between government control and private-actor control (e.g. question about whether homosexuals should be precluded from adopting kids---but precluded by whom? By government (No!)--? A private adoption agency (Maybe---it's their choice!). A waste of time.