Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The War Hawk Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Has Bought Out the Silicon Valley Four Seasons For a Week Long Visit

The last remaining non-Saudi-related guests of the East Palo Alto Four Seasons have been checked out, to make room for Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salaman and his entourage, reports ABC7 Bay Area.

Some hadn't planned to leave so soon. They have been relocated to other hotels

MbS bought out the entire hotel for the next six nights.

Those who work near the hotel have been warned to watch out for motorcades.

The crown prince is in Silicon Valley to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook and top executives at Google.

ABC7 did report that "The prince has been called a reformer by some. He's allowed women to drive and reopened movie theaters that have been closed since the 1980s." But neglected to report on the thousands of civilians dead because of his war with Yemen and his prominent role in the Real Axis of Evil.

  -Robert Wenzel 

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