Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Shocking Deteriorating Mental Health of Julian Assange

While the buffoon Trump sends out a tweet teasing that he may pardon a dead man, his goons continue to squeeze Julian Assange.
Assange has been cut off by the Ecuadorian government from the internet and most visitors.

Coinbase has shut down the Bitcoin account of the Wikileaks Shop.

No doubt the US government is behind these moves.

But most horrifying are the reports of Assange's deteriorating mental health as Assange loses contact with the outside world.

Disobedient Media reports:
It is well worth repeating that the breakdown of Julian Assange’s sense of time, space and his own body were all observed long before he was utterly separated from human contact save legal representatives. What will be the result of this additional blow? We cannot afford to wait-and-see.

The manner of death that will be visited on Assange if his insulation from human contact proves permanent is in some ways crueler than external attempts to harm him. Instead of challenging the sovereignty of the Ecuadorian Embassy in a full-scale assault or kidnapping attempt, this slow torture will achieve the same end by transforming Julian Assange’s place of refuge into a site of torment. The embassy walls that have thus far protected him, even at a detriment to his health, now represent the walls of a tomb as his mind...slowly rent[s] in the absence of fellow human beings.
-Robert Wenzel  


  1. I voted for Trump but it seems like, by choice or by coercion, he is now completely owned by the Deep State.

    1. Who could have guessed that would happen?

    2. I was hoping against hope. It all started out with such promise. It now seems like the swamp is deeper than ever.

    3. Trump may be proof that other film shot in Dallas from the grassy knoll exists.

  2. It’s simple. He doesn’t want to get WikiLeaked like Hilary was. Ethics are irrelevant.

  3. A rare resilient individual in solitary confinement does ok and sometimes thrives. Perhaps Assange is in this class. No evidence presented here informs us of his mental health.