Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The People's Republic of San Francisco to Hire Needle Cleanup Team, But The Feces Will Stay

This is incredible. This is the latest from the lefty Fog Zone. Read to the end.

The mayor of San Francisco says he's hiring 10 workers whose sole responsibility will be to clean up needles littering the streets, reports NBC Bay Area

San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell said Monday the team will respond to resident complaints and remove needles and syringes from "hot spots'' every day of the week.

Farrell tells the San Francisco Examiner that discarded syringes on the streets are among the top litter complaints in the city with a growing homelessness problem.

But get this, the feces will stay. The mayoral program comes only because Farell plans to nix legislation that would also clean feces off the street.

SF Curbed reports:
The announcement of new hires comes after Farrell promised to nix a contentious piece of legislation passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors this month that would have put $1.1 million in unused Public Works money toward street clean up, with an emphasis on trash, syringes, and feces.

The bill, which passed 6-5, proved surprisingly divisive, as critics acknowledged the need for additional diligence in keeping hazardous waste off sidewalks but balked at disrupting the budget process to scoop up cash from other programs.
-Robert Wenzel  


  1. Of course a Democrat wouldnt want to remove feces. It's their lifeblood.

  2. Hard to believe that San Francisco was once celebrated in song and on film. Now the song would be "I left my feces in San Francisco".