Monday, April 23, 2018

Priorities in the People's Republic of San Francisco

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, along with a number of other city officials, is at war with new scooter companies that have in the last three weeks put scooters out in the city.

With the click of an app, you can start one of these scooters from the various locations in the city where the companies puts them. Take one to where ever you like, shut down the scooter, and just leave it there, you are charged for the period of travel and the company will pick up the scooter from wherever you leave it.

As I have previously noted,  this has caused Herrera to send a nasty legal letter to the three companies operating the scooter services. He says the scooters are clogging up the streets.

On Sunday, I came across these two scooters at the southwest corner of Market St. and New Montgomery Street. Directly across the street from the five star Palace Hotel.

This is what Herrera and other government busybodies consider a problem.

But directly across the street on the southwest corner of Market St. and New Montgomery Street right in front of the Palace Hotel, there was this guy:

Yes, in the People's Republic, the three-week old scooter "problem" is more of a focus amongst government officials than an out of control homeless problem that has gone on for a lot, lot longer than three weeks---more like three decades and getting worse.

But it is the scooters that the people are apparently complaining about. From CBS San Francisco:
Every one seems to have an opinion when it comes rental scooters in San Francisco.
“I think that these scooters run amok are actually a plot of the young people to kill off all us old farts so they can have our rent controlled apartments,” said Fran Taylor at a recent The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency hearing.
San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin said he’s getting an ear full from his constituents
“I have also – and I’m sure you have – received hundreds of complaints, photos, videos, telephone calls, and emails from angry constituents,” he told his fellow supervisors.

I'm a walker and I have yet to come across a scooter and its driver that has been a problem. Zero, none.

But I do come across homeless that are threatening and smell--and never mind those who leave you alone because they are trying to find a vein to shoot up. There's a bunch that hang around the Seven-Eleven on Market St and there is one who is wrapped in blankets and smells like he hasn't taken them off in years who sits at the bus stop bench in front of the Bank America Building (30% owned by Donald Trump) on California Street. I can't imagine anyone else uses that bus stop location because of him.

But, hey, San Francisco has a "problem" the city is going to jump on: scooters. The city has priorities wrapped in fog, you know.


As I completed this post, I checked my cellphone Citizens app live police blotter feed and this was the headline for the address at the Seven-Eleven near the Palace Hotel:



  1. This situation could not happen to a better group of leftards in the city. Try not to step into any poop. I imagine it does not rain all that much there either.

  2. Doesn't he know you're not supposed to run with scissors? Will there be a march against scissor violence in San Francisco?