Sunday, April 22, 2018

In Review: 'Little Pink House'

By Martin Hill

'Little Pink House,' a film dramatizing the evil Kelo v. City of New London U.S. Supreme Court decision, opens today. The film has unfortunately not gotten wide release, so you may have to search around to find it. Like Aaron Russo's classic documentary 'America: From Freedom To Fascism,' I had to search around in the Los Angeles area to find it at a small Indy theatre. 

The trailer is below, and it looks good. I suggest folks patronize such good films as this.
Update: The film was okay but felt sort of demoralized, given the outcome. The last scene has the woman insisting that she is gojng to "fight." Fight what? She alresdy lost in the USSC, so her rant seems silly and delusional. Sometimes the good guys lose.

The postscript was that Pfizer abandoned the property anyway in 2011 after their tax breaks ran out and it shows the real Kelo woman standing on the land where her pink house had been.

The theatre was barely 20% full on opening day, it looks like the movie was a flop. One of the attendees told me he was the director's cousin and he asked what I thought of it.
It wasn't a bad movie - I went because I support art that promotes discussion of important topics among the public. But this film was sort of low-energy and depressing. I more highly recommend Chappaquidick or Entebbe both much better movies than this one. 

Note:  '7 Days In Entebbe,' Film About Israeli Hostage Rescue, Is Actually Worth Seeing This was a very good movie and may still be in your local theatres. I saw it last week and highly recommend it, click here to read my review 

The above originally appeared at Liberty Fight

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