Tuesday, April 10, 2018

How Trump Should Handle the Mueller Investigation

I am no supporter of President Trump's policies, however, to me, it is obvious that Trump is correct when he says that special counselor Robert Mueller is on a witch hunt.

The remarkable raid on the home, office and hotel room of Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, based in part on a Mueller referral, is simply stunning. It appears to be a stretch beyond all legal bounds and an abuse of prosecutorial power.

What is Trump to do?

Firing Mueller outright would have severe negative political consequences but Trump can't sit still either with Mueller squeezing everyone around him.

This is what Trump should do.

Trump should make a formal statement stating that it appears that Mueller has abused his power and that therefore he is going to form a bipartisan committee to determine whether Mueller should be dismissed, whether the investigation should be closed down and whether any pardons should be given.

Since Mueller really has abused his power, an impartial committee would surely find so. The trick, of course, is to make the committee bipartisan. Surely, there are a three or four Democrats with principle around. Alan Dershowitz comes to mind, maybe Jimmy Carter.

Trump needs to find them and get the committee started post haste.

  -Robert Wenzel  


See; Alan Dershowitz on FBI Raid on Michael Cohen's Office


  1. Why not just declare them all to be terrorists and have them disappeared? Who could say what haopened?

  2. I disagree. I think Trump would get a bump in popularity if he fired Mueller.