Saturday, April 21, 2018

Court Issues Statement on the Judge Kimba Wood-George Soros Connection

Soros (center) wedding ceremony performed by Judge Kimba Wood (right)
A rare public statement has been issued on behalf of the judge deciding what happens to evidence seized by the FBI from Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen.

The statement distances Wood from George Soros, the Trump-hating billionaire liberal mega-donor.

Wood conducted the 2012 marriage of Soros - the 87-year-old financier who has called Trump's administration 'a danger to the world' - and his third wife Tamiko Bolton, who is 41 years his junior.

Edward Friedland, the district court's top executive, said in a statement that Wood's relationship with Soros was limited.

'From time to time, but rarely, Judge Wood and her husband came across George Soros at large social gatherings that had nothing to do with politics,' he said.

'When he asked Judge Wood to perform his wedding, she did so. Judge Wood has performed over 40 marriage ceremonies during her time as a judge,' Friedland wrote.

Wood, 74, has been a judge for 30 years.

-Robert Wenzel  

(Source: Daily Mail, New York Federal Court, Wikipeida)

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