Friday, April 13, 2018

BREAKING Trump Has Approved Strikes on Syria

Trump to speak to the nation at 9:00 ET

This is a developing story. Return to this post for updates.


U.S. military action underway in Syria.


Strikes in conjunction with Britain and France.


Explosions heard in Damascus.



Via Reuters:

Smoke seen rising on the east side of Damascus after a series of large explosions.


"One time shot."-Secretary of State Mattis

Not a sustained operation.


  1. Fricking clown show! Completely disgusting. Let me guess, they blew up all the evidence that would implicate their people in criminal behavior.

  2. Has the Trump-loving Vox Day finally given up on his God Emperor?

  3. Wow! Syria? I was watching Rampage at the movie theatre when I felt the building start to shake.

  4. Robert,
    I must admit, during the race for the presidency, at first blush, I didn't think your theory about electing Clinton was sound. However, over time, I began to warm up to the idea ultimately seeing the theory as sound. If Hillary Clinton was president she would never have been able to get something like this through, let alone the first air strike on Syria. She would have been vehemently opposed by the Repubs (it would have been fake outrage, but it would have been a great contributor to preventing the air strike or any other supposed military action). The deplorables, those in "fly-over" country, Fox News, and most other Trump supporters would oppose her on everything non-stop.

    I'm stating the obvious here, but Trump is beyond dangerous. He's not only economically illiterate he has no political savvy; and he doesn't possess the common sense to surround himself with people (cabinet members, advisors, etc.) who know their way around D.C.

    What a that seems determined to start a war with Russia.

    1. Although we're engaging in counter-factuals, I don't see how you can conclude that the GOP would have objected to another President Clinton launching air strikes overseas. The GOP lives for this stuff, and there is this stupid principle in DC about getting behind any president who wants to flex US military muscle. Yes, the GOP might have been against Clinton domestically, and if she showed "weakness" overseas, but never had she shown "strength." Look at their support for Obama's aggression overseas.

  5. The US wanted to send a strong message to Assad not to permit US and Israeli proxies to commit false flag attacks against Syrian civilians. Mission accomplished.