Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Falls Asleep in Court

Tom Mesereau
Tom Mesereau is probably the most skilled criminal lawyer in the country at present.

He got Michael Jackson off at trial and has a remarkable track record for getting clients off against serious charges.

From his website:
Attorney Tom Mesereau is an unconventional, unpredictable trial lawyer.  His accomplishments in the courtroom are extraordinary and unprecedented.  He wins white-collar and non-white-collar trials in federal and state courts.  For information on Mr. Mesereau's unconventional trial tactics, read the following articles by Mr. Mesereau:  "Random Thoughts on Trial Practice” American Journal of Trial Advocacy 31:1 (Summer 2007): 115-135; “Lights, Camera, Objection!”  The American Trial Lawyer Fall 2008; and “Defender Legendary for Second Sight, Sixth Sense” Los Angeles Daily Journal, December 5, 2006.
This didn't come by accident. A friend who once dated him told me that he even took acting lessons (He lives in Los Angeles) to learn how to better be able to convey his points to jurors.

Mesereau is the best and he works hard at beginning the best.

This is why it caught my eye when a report came out that Mesereau fell asleep in court while the jury was being read back testimony.

From the New York Post:
Tom Mesereau, mouth agape, drifted in and out of consciousness Wednesday as Judge Steven O’Neill read pages and pages of Cosby’s own words about Quaaludes and his sexual contact with accuser Andrea Constand into the record...Mesereau slept at the defense table for some 30 minutes, and awoke as the testimony from the deposition was still being read. His nap was not commented on by the judge or anyone in the courtroom.
Makes me wonder. Did they teach sleep acting in any of the courses he took?

Who is going to pay attention to boring testimony with Mesereau providing a curious distraction?

It almost seems like a modern-day version of Clarence Darrow's cigar smoking distraction in court where he wired his cigar to prevent the ash from falling and smoked away during testimony by prosecution witnesses.

-Robert Wenzel  


Apparently, the big sleep was not enough. Bill Cosby has been convicted.


He has been convicted on all 3 counts.


  1. It must've been the quaaludes that Cosby slipped into his water...

  2. There is only one reason that Cosby was brought up on charges in the first place: he is a black man who dared to speak out against modern black ghetto gangsta culture. Proof? Bill Clinton is still walking free.