Saturday, March 10, 2018

Will All Libertarians Eventually Be Labeled Fascists?

Protesters try to shut down Christina Hoff Sommers at Lewis & Clark Law School 
The madness on campuses continues. This is early stage Mao-style cultural revolution stuff where it is held that opposing views must be shut down at any cost. Libertraian views are considered opposing views by the Mao-lites.

I hope we don't end up seeing an advanced Mao-style cultural revolution here (where millions died). But I fear it can't be ruled out.

Just read this report from New York Times columnist Bari Weiss writes:
Christina Hoff Sommers is a self-identified feminist and registered Democrat with a Ph.D. in philosophy and a wicked sense of humor. She is also a woman who says bad things. Things like: Men and women are equal, but there are differences between them. Or: The gender gap in STEM fields isn’t simply the result of sexism. Or: Contrary to received wisdom, the American school system actually favors girls, not boys.
When such a person steps foot on a college campus these days, you know what’s coming.
So it was on Monday at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Ore., where Ms. Sommers had been invited by the Federalist Society to give a talk about feminism.
In advance of the lecture, nine student groups, among them the Portland National Lawyers Guild, the Minority Law Student Association, the Women’s Law Caucus, the Jewish Law Society and the school’s Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter sent a letter protesting the appearance by this “known fascist.” 
The letter added that her invitation amounted to an “act of aggression and violence” and went on to offer a curious definition of free speech: “Freedom of speech is certainly an important tenet to a free, healthy society, but that freedom stops when it has a negative and violent impact on other individuals.”
Yes, these future lawyers believe that free speech is acceptable only when it doesn’t offend them. Which is to say, they don’t believe in it at all.
For the lecture itself, a student wearing a jacket emblazoned with the command “Stay Woke” led protesters in shouting “Microaggressions are real” and “No platform for fascists.” Ms. Sommers handled matters as gracefully as possible, but had delivered only half her lecture before Janet Steverson, a law professor and the school’s dean of diversity and inclusion, asked her to cut her remarks short and take questions from the hardy souls who somehow survived the violence of her words.
  -Robert Wenzel 


  1. It'd be great if there was some kind of system of private property rights which could be used to hire security to forcibly remove those who interrupt the event. They seem to do that for stand-up comics already.

  2. Why are libertarians so ineffective at harnessing simular enthusiasm and directing it toward freedom?

  3. At least no one called you a racist.

  4. This is a difficult one. Christina is a liberal Jewish feminist, Janet is a minority hire. Which one is in the bigger victim group?