Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Private Sector Role in Catching the Austin Bomber

Good for the private sector. It is further proof that there is no need for a massive government surveillance system. When a serious event takes place and someone needs to be identified, the private sector has the capabilities and will co-operate. There is far less danger from independent private sectors of information than from a massive government surveillance and collection operation which is, as Edward Snowden, a turnkey setup for totalitarianism.

Specifically, with regard to the Austin bomber,  Mark Anthony Conditt, authorities were aided in the identity of Conditt by reviewing surveillance video at the FedEx drop-off location north of San Antonio where  Conditt was allegedly seen entering with a package. Investigators were able to pull multiple images from the surveillance video and were able to track him to a hotel parking lot near Austin by monitoring his cell phone activity.

Authorities also obtained information from Google and from the Conditt's computer history that confirmed the bomber was looking at information on where to ship devices.

“The biggest mistake the guy made was going to FedEx,” an official told USA TODAY.

-Robert Wenzel 

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