Friday, March 30, 2018

The "Good" White People

Bill O’Reilly Has Figured Out How to Help the Black Underclass

By Thomas DiLorenzo

Get rid of all the white people.  Well, most of em anyway.  Right out of the playbook of the contemporary Left.  That, says O’Reilly, is why the Left is so insane about welcoming Third World immigration — to dilute the white population.  There is a minority underclass, the cultural Marxist Left says, because there are too many white people.
It has nothing to do with the welfare state that has so devastated the black family (and increasingly all other races) and destroyed the work ethic; the war on drugs that has imprisoned hundreds of thousands of young black and Hispanic men for victimless crimes; the rotten government schools that ruin the lives of millions in the inner cities with fraudulent “education”; the minimum wage that has caused the black teenage unemployment rate to be double the white teenage unemployment rate for the past seventy years; the complete and utter failure of government police to control crime in cities like Baltimore and Chicago; etc.  It supposedly has nothing to do with liberalism, interventionism, and socialism, in other words — the cornerstone policies of the cultural Marxist Left.
It’s not all white people who need to be eradicated, of course. Mostly white heterosexual males.  Many universities, for example, are now effectively run by white Marxist feminist females.  Those are the “good” white people — for now.
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  1. When running a prison it is useful to keep a stable of severely mistreated, and therefore mal-adapted, prisoners on hand as a threat to all the other prisoners. The harsher you treat the 'bad' prisoners, the easier it is to control the 'good' prisoners by threatening them with either being locked in with the bad prisoners, who naturally have come to hate the privileged good prisoners,or with turning the bad prisoners loose on the general population. The good prisoners will come to fear the bad prisonerd and look upon the guards as their protectors.

  2. They can't get rid of all the White men. Who Is gonna fix things when they break down? Who is gonna build things and make things run? Who is gonna grow their food?

  3. This power over power crap that exists to nth degree just shows that we as a species need to be eradicated from this mudball. Let nature wipe the undeserving humans from the map and see what new sentience rises!

    Made in the image of god my ass.

  4. The one in the picture isn't eating, but I think she is in between snacks