Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Adventures of Hillary: What Does Huma Have?

Hillary is traveling in India.

On Monday, while heading down a flight of approximately 15 stairs at the Jahaz Mahal in New Delhi, she slipped twice. Aides had to rush to her rescue:


Then there is this.

Seth Shook emails:
Saw this pic of hillary in india.  Huma has some kind of device in her hand.  I cant figure out what it is.  Maybe the TL readers could ID it.  Attached the pic below.  Its from a daily mail article.

Maybe an international cell phone or is it a medical device to boost the Great Slipper?


  1. This link is a larger photo that lets you zoom in.


  2. Looks like it may be a portable recorder.


    1. That's probably what it is, but wait for the tin foil hat Alex Jones crew to chime in and tell us its some kind of mind control device that was used to cause the LV shooting or something nuts like that.

  3. The Russians must have greased the staircase.

  4. I fell twice in one day on marble stairs in Italy wearing flip flops - fell flat on my back and hard. I was in my early 40's and in very good condition. This was not a medical fall, but clearly both her slips were where the step was broken away. No biggie from a medical perspective. Not worth our time.