Sunday, March 11, 2018

Stable Genius to Visit California on Tuesday

Popcorn time. This should be interesting.

President Donald Trump will visit California on Tuesday.

The president will land at the Miramar air base in southern California and then go see prototypes of the wall he wants to build on America's southern border.

"We're going for what we hope to be an incredibly positive trip," White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

Trump, who is infatuated with the military, will also, naturally, meet with members of the US military while he is in California.

He is expected to wrap up the visit with an evening of fundraising in Beverly Hills to raise money for his 2020 re-election campaign.

  -Robert Wenzel 



  1. I'm for the wall being built and all the illegals being deported. Money well spent for a potentially better society. But hey, I know libertardians think 'all cultures are equal'. Just remember when you get an untreateable TB or some other disease we've eradicated here, at least you were not a 'da rasis'.

    "In 2004, the socialist government of Nestor Kirchner passed a new migration law, implementing what was known as the “Patria Grande” (Big Homeland) program. This included amnesty for all illegals, as well as a relaxation of income requirements for immigrants. It also guaranteed free access to public education at all levels, free medical care, family reunification, elimination of the obligation for public officials to report illegal immigrants, issuance of residence permits with only a sworn statement rather than proof of income, and voting rights in local elections. These measures were clearly meant to win votes from non-whites."

    1. Everyone who reads this blog is beyond over your trolling act. Go back to whatever racist corner of the world you live in and STFU

    2. Re: He-Who-Fantasizes-About-White-European-Males,

      --- I'm for the wall being built and all the illegals being deported. Money well spent for a potentially better society. ---

      Leaving aside the sheer idiocy of rounding up eleven million people and send them Gawd-knows-where in terms of cost, what you propose simply cannot the result you expect. Trapping and eradicating that many people would cause such an economic upheaval that a "better society" cannot be the result of it. It would be like a nuclear attack on two big cities at the same time, with multiple millions of carefully-crafted market relationships disappearing almost overnight. The loss of capital would be enormous, considering: the cost required to trap, cage, feed and then release all eleven million "illegals". The labor vacuum it would leave, which would translate to higher consumer prices. Employers, renters, sellers and buyers who would be left in a worse situation than if their economy had been nationalized by a Socialist regime. Whole industries that employ thousands of these American Workers® you seem so fond of would see their markets disappear quickly, leaving them without work.

      Besides being your xenophobic wet-dream, you really haven't given your proposition any thought, not even a glance. You're just another pathetic crank.