Tuesday, March 6, 2018

SHOCKING VIDEO Chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute Shut Down By Antifa Mob in London

Yaron Brook, the chairman of the board of the Ayn Rand Institute, and also the podcaster, Sargon of Akkad, were invited to speak on the campus of London College.

During their talk yesterday, Antifa rushed the stage and the event had to be cut short.

Throughout the attack, Antifa shouted, "No fascists on campus." Which is quite the thing to shout at Brook who was born and raised in Israel.

The Antifa attack starts at approx. 13:10 in the below video.


-Robert Wenzel 

(ht Walter Block and Luis Rivera)


  1. Being born in Israel doesn't mean you are not fascist. Israel has become a fascist state in the way it controls, regulates and subsidizes its economy as well as the way it treats its minorities, the Palestinians. A very confusing part of the world right now. And Brook is an unapologetic supporter of Israel with a tendency to be a U.S. foreign policy warhawk.
    Not that he should be shouted down or prevented from speaking but there appears to be some truth to the charge.

  2. That’s interesting Brian, I was thinking that being from Israel doesn’t automatically mean your not a fascist.
    These commie punks sure act like fascist.
    Is it a violation of the NAP to just whip the snot out of these punks? Sounds mean but it sure would make me feel good to see someone stand up and lay out every one of them.
    I’d like to see Antifa try that crap at a conference the 6 Bennett brothers from Fairbanks were attending.

  3. How can you tell who the fascists/socialist/commies are?
    They're the ones with the masks and bullhorn.

    1. And the shrill voices and stupid cattle-like looks on their faces.

  4. Isn't open borders wonderful! Let more like these idiots anti-fa in these uSA. The other article on the Black Book Of Communism might be relevant here.
    Should have fought them out of the place. Until they pay a heavy price for their violations and violence they will continue.