Thursday, March 1, 2018

Just Remember...

That's how they always do it when necessary.
...when Trump talks about possibly banning assault rifles, he is talking about government men with assault rifles, if necessary, coming after your assault rifles.

   -Robert Wenzel 


  1. I have noticed that NO ONE has mentioned the number of annual murders allegedly committed by "assault weapons". According to one source, Diane Feinstein said in 2012 that 385 murders had been committed using "assault weapons" since 2004. Are there any accurate statistics reflecting this issue and did Feinstein really say this? "Assault weapons" are clearly a sub-category of rifles in FBI statistics with the rifle murder totals being about the same number of people are killed per year in bus accidents and far less than murders with hammers and clubs.

  2. Exactly. I’ve tried to peacefully engage the leftists in VFP on this. They just don’t get it.

  3. If Nikolas Cruz had his guns seized, 19 Americans would still be alive today. Provided seizure is numerically limited to a small number of the mentally ill and followed by a hearing then this is likely to save the 2nd Amendment. After the next school shooting the q becomes why didn't the govt use the power it already has. This coupled with armed teachers could end this awful trend.

  4. "I’ve tried to peacefully engage the leftists in VFP on this. They just don’t get it."

    Leftist are vermin. They need to be physically removed from society. Where is Augusto Pinochet when you need him?

  5. Ha, now I know your just trolling Lab M.