Sunday, March 18, 2018

How is This Going to Do Anything But Drive the Kids Into the Hands of the Democrats?

Via Maureen Dowd:
Truthful hyperbole is out. Outlandish fabrication is in. Trump began bragging to Republicans at a private fund-raiser in St. Louis Wednesday: Oh, get a load of this trade stuff I made up to outfox that fox, Justin Trudeau. I felt bad doing it to such a nice, good-looking guy. But it’s hilarious!
What the hell is this?

First, of course, there is no role, zero, for a president in trade. He should just open the trade borders and spend more time with some porn star.

Second, he is not "ruining respect for the presidency" with these kinds of comments. That would be a good thing. But with comments like this, the view that is emerging beyond his base is that he is a crony buffoon and that the country needs someone else in the White House.

If that view carries into the mid-term elections, the House will be worse then it already is, with a bunch of new Democrats in the place.

And, it is going to drive the kids into the hands of the leftists--long term. Their view is going to be that Trump is merely a cartoonish version of what the Republican Party is really all about. And the big problem is that the kids think the crony, clownish behavior of Trump is what free markets and capitalism are really all about.

What a mess.

-Robert Wenzel 


  1. "Their view is going to be that Trump is merely a cartoonish version of what the Republican Party is really all about."

    For once I would have to agree with the kids.

  2. I'm not sure how much time any intellectual types who write these articles spend on services like Xbox Live, but there is a wealth of information to be gained on the thoughts of the next generation. Most gamers (in my experience) seem to be of a conservative bent and really hate the social justice warriors. I think the next generation will be a lot more conservative than you expect. It is not like the left is coming out with solid arguments and principles, they are even more wacky than Trump.

  3. The shame isn't so much on Trump as it is the clueless ruck behind him cheering ! They are the real problem. Politicians will always do whatever keeps them in office regardless of the immorality or stupidity of their policies. Government is an antiquated, barbaric concept that we must throw off. We are controlled through our economic ignorance as the buffoons cheering behind Trump clearly demonstrate.