Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Blowback Against Trump: Democrat Appears Victorious in Pennsylvania Race

Democratic challenger Conor Lamb claimed victory early Wednesday in a congressional election in a Pennsylvania district won by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race. Trump carried the 18th congressional district by 20 percentage points against Hillary Clinton.

With all precincts reporting, Lamb led Rick Saccone, his Republican opponent, 49.8 per cent to 49.6 per cent — or by fewer than 600 votes out of about 225,000 cast on Tuesday. Absentee and provisional ballots were still being tabulated and a recount appeared likely.

That said, the closeness of the race that was a handy win for the President suggests continued blowback against the Trump administration. Perhaps hinting at a Democratic highly interventionist controlled House of Representatives after the November mid-term elections.

-Robert Wenzel 


  1. I just wonder if it is possible to be truly critical of Trump if you ignore the Libertarian candidate Drew Gray Miller that received three times as many votes (1,378) as separates the R and the D candidates. If I wanted news like that I could get it frm the mainstream news outlets.

    1. Libertarians and other third party candidates will always be marginalized by the media and powers that be. They want the people to keep thinking there is only ever a Coke or Pepsi vote.

  2. But it was so close, so neither would have had a mandate. Also, Ovomit as president cost the Democrats a lot of seats as well over his terms.

  3. A Democratic House and a Republican Senate would not be a bad outcome, if it led to more legislative gridlock.