Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Best Headline of the Week

Lauren Southern a Trump supporting advocate of strict border controls and "the wall" and who attempted to blockade humanitarian ships rescuing migrants, has been denied entry into the UK at their border control.

Headline from Broadly:

Border Control Enthusiast Banned From Crossing UK Border

-Robert Wenzel 


  1. Haha. They should let her in, but I’m loving the poetic justice.

  2. --- Lauren Southern [...] has been denied entry into the UK at their border control. ---

    "Jolly good job, chaps! Keep up the effort, yes!" The visit to the UK border and the test to their resolve to keep their country safe was successful.

  3. A.K.A. Why Lauren Southern is a rising star while crybaby libertarians fade into oblivion.

  4. Lauren Southern is doing heroic work, trying to see to it that the fate of her people doesn't meet the same end as those in S. Africa. https://laurensouthern.net/farmlands/

  5. I can't wait for Wenzel to report in glowing terms when Hoppe's travels are similarly restricted.

    Let's start with Turkey. Turkey needs to kick Hoppe out and prevent him from ever stepping foot in Turkey.

  6. She is a reporter who intended to speak at Hyde Park corner, traditionally a place of free speech. That this blog celebrates her arrest says a lot about how genuinely libertarian it is.

  7. It could equally read: "open boarders advocates use and cheer boarder controls"

    Actually that is more accurate because boarder control wasn't used to stop someone who intended to remain in the country and consume government gathered resources but merely someone who was going to speak on political topics. If she intended to move to the UK then maybe there might be some irony but to merely visit and talk is something entirely different.

    1. Haha. She should have tried to explain it that way. “I’m not here to work, only to agitate for more state control.”