Monday, March 12, 2018

Arizona Coppers Arrest Woman Who Was Attempting to Drive to Her Wedding

Police in Marana, Arizona arrested a woman for DUI while she was attempting to drive to her wedding.

What a bunch of creeps. If she wasn't capable of driving, they should have given her a ride to the wedding.

-Robert Wenzel 


  1. So ...

    In my area, a few years ago, a man was intoxicated at a fast food restaurant. The manager calls the state police for assistance. The man was not belligerent, just drunk. The man tells the cops he will call for a ride and wait outside until it comes. The cops being good guys say, "OK." Cops leave and the man, for reasons unknown, tries to cross the highway and gets struck and killed. Cops are fired and will likely suffer from being fair for the rest of their working lives. Why did they get fired?" Outrage from the easily outraged. The fault was the cops not arresting the man to keep him safe. Message to all cops in Ohio: arrest so you do not get fired. That is direct effect of our too easily outraged neighbors.

  2. In contrast, illegal Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda while driving drunk killed an American 56 year old male. Denver cops released Castaneda and waited an hour before notifying ICE. He is still on the lam.

    1. That case is a failure of the whole system starting with the judge or magistrate who should never have set a bail amount given that a death occurred.

  3. Well, we all know that whatever the police do, they are HEROES! Throw these members of the punitive priesthood a ticker-tape parade! (Hat tip to the late Will Grigg for that terminology).