Friday, March 2, 2018

7 Times Jordan Peterson Nailed It



  1. Wow! If this is your idea of "nailed it" I'd hate to be holding the nail while you tried to hammer it. The man is full of catch phrases like "pick up a load" or "get your act together" or "transcend your suffering" or my favorite "we're all oppressors" so have a little "tolerance." He seems to be aiming at the nail of self responsibility but never quite hits it. He gets close when he suggests that schools should have their funding "cut by 25%" so they would have to determine "what's important." But he doesn't explore this idea nor appear to understand its significance.

    He has made a living on the taxpayer dole allowing him to avoid being held responsible for his work by the taxpayers. This fundamental contradiction given his message of responsibility completely eludes him. He wants to defund those organizations and groups who offer ideas he finds "dangerous" but apparently his own funding is completely justified. But by what standard?

    I agree with his critique of "collective guilt" but his argument would carry more weight if he also expressed concern about the collective theft that supports the educational system within which he lives. It is this collective theft that produces institutions without accountability. All decision are political and the biggest gang wins by force or threat of force. If Peterson truly believes in self responsibility he should advocate that all institutions operate as voluntary organizations with no tax funding.

    1. I've never heard Peterson throw his moral arguments against the state or the fuel that engenders it, taxation. It would be interesting to hear what he has to say about taxation and whether or not it is moral.

  2. Any chance Robert Wenzel and Dr. Peterson could get together for a podcast? I'd love to hear a discussion on both of their new books, when the PPS one gets released.