Wednesday, February 28, 2018

TUESDAY: Democrats Flipped Two More State Legislative Seats

Two Democrats won state legislative contests Tuesday night, flipping the seats from Republican hands and marking the 38th and 39th legislative flips since President Trump's inauguration, reports The Daily Beast.

Democrat Phil Spagnuolo won a special election in New Hampshire's Belknap County District 3 on Tuesday night 968-841 (54%-46%).

 The seat was left open after the death of Republican State Rep. Donald Flanders last September. Donald Trump won the district by a sizable 54-41 margin in 2016, four years after Barack Obama carried it by just one point, 50-49.

Democrat Phil Young won a contest in Connecticut's state House District 120 as well.

The race in House District 120 was a result of a vacancy when former State Rep. Laura Hoydick, a Republican, resigned after becoming mayor of Stratford.

In the 2016 presidential election, the district voted for Hillary Clinton by a small margin 49-47, despite the fact that she beat President Trump statewide by nearly 14 points.

Trump is driving the country into the hands of Lefties. Unless there is a serious trend change, the November elections are going to be a disaster for liberty.

Thanks, "Trump for Libertarians."



  1. It's all Trump's fault and Block's fault every time and in every instance? I have a hard time swallowing that.

  2. Just look how the hard left in California are waging war on Diane Finestein. While the Republicans are allowing Trump to turn the party in the American version of France's National Front, the Bernie Sanders(ization) of the Democrats is becoming more apparent. Statists on the left of me and statists on the right.

  3. We would have been much better off had Hillary won, suspended the second amendment and put another liberal on the supreme court . Fingers crossed for a democrat house and Senate in 2018 so our private property society will finally be realized!

    1. Re: Paul Hansen,

      --- ...suspended the second amendment... ---

      Yeah, we dodged that bullet...

      "Trump bows to take on the NRA, says he's open to more gun controls."

      Oh, well.

      (I wonder if Trumpistas suffer from cognitive dissonance.)

    2. "(I wonder if Trumpistas suffer from cognitive dissonance.)"

      No worse than yours when it comes to race and how stupid and worthless most other races are when it comes to a civil society which you are incapable of acknowledging.

      I know you believe if all blacks and crappy cultures came to the US, magic dirt would make them limited government libertardians.

    3. You'd have a lot more fans if you stayed away from your useless race comparisons and stuck to the fun of fucking with Wenzel about open borders from a logic standpoint.
      Whether one race is better than another is totally useless in constructive conversation and only serves to make us ALL look bad. Lumping everyone into a group is what the left does. Don't be the left. Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell are watching.

    4. I've made my best effort at logic and reason. RW showed a map of freedom levels of different countries sometime ago, but somehow he and others just can't make the reasonable connection. Other the top small percentage of some those populations, well, they will never be libertarians and will always be a problem to the world.

      Yes, too bad more blacks don't read Williams and Sowell.

    5. Re: The Lab Mismanager,

      --- No worse than yours when it comes to race ---

      Your timing is impeccable. I'll grant that.

      --- but somehow he and others just can't make the reasonable connection ---


      For instance, the North Korean nation *must* be formed by people of a totally inferior race compared to the South Korean nation because... how else can you make your hypothesis fit?

      See? Logic. Now, go back to fantasizing about white European males' schlongs, which you find fa-bu-lous!

  4. 80% of all congress is white. Immigrants didn’t give us the federal reserve, the new deal, or the great societies war on poverty. White presidents got us into ww1, ww2, Korean War, Vietnam, and the so called war on terror, or the war to irradicate the Middle East. A white Republican president gave us the domestic terrorist EPA. Weren’t any others than whites who gave us the IRS. Every Fed chairman has been white, that I have known of anyway.
    My point Lab Manager, is your anger and hatred is misdirected, your enemy, my enemy, our enemy, is the State.

    1. Yes, the state is the enemy. But letting in a bunch of third world trash won't lead to the society you claim to desire. Unrestrained immigration is a stupid and asinine policy. Blacks in America with some exceptions are not much of a value to this society. Ditto for other minorities that can't get with the program. Bad enough as you have pointed out that whites want to enslave others with ever bigger government.

    2. firstly stupid and asinine mean the same thing.
      "blacks and other minorities that can't get with the program." nobody wants the get with the program that costs a lot and has no real benefits