Thursday, February 15, 2018

Trump Shirt-Wearing WSU Student Suspended After Pulling Knife on Campus

Wayne State University officials say a student was suspended after brandishing a knife and making threatening comments about immigrants on Tuesday.

According to a witness, the student approached a table where members of the activist group BAMN were passing out flyers about immigrant rights. A video provided to Metro Times shows the man open his jacket to show off a "Trump 2020" shirt and pull out a switchblade. He then says, "I think we should deport or kill all illegals that don't belong in our country."

Things escalated from there. One student yelled back, "So you're a Nazi? Get the fuck out of here." Another student yelled, "You want to kill somebody? Kill yourself."

 RW note:

It should be recognized that BAMN is a extrerme lefty group and that their acronym stands for "by any means necessary." They are not exactly in favor of non-violence.

That said, it is utterly rediculious for libertarians to support Trump, since it is clear Trump is triggering racial tension. If kids thing BAMN is the only alternative they are going to move towards BAMN. Now is the time more than ever that libertarians should make clear there is an alternative to Trump that is not extreme left.


  1. By any (false flag) means necessary?

  2. "Triggering racial tension"? Oh blow me. Call him and others out on what they do, but that is nonsense.

    1. Are you kidding? All he does is stir the rednecks into an anti-immigrant frenzy. Why, just look at the comments on this very blog.

    2. Re: David T,

      It's not nonsense. Unless you can't read, see the written comments from people who post many places and even here about their racialism. Don't even pretend to ignore what's going on.

    3. I think what's more risky is he's bringing out the violence from the left. Francisco, you have shown your anger on here before, including calling me a name or two. It's very difficult to have an intellectual debate about these topics when one side sees racists everywhere.

    4. @F. Torres: Don't you think it's possible that folks know how to "seed" online comment sections and such with particular caricature-type "viewpoints" by anonymous commenters in order to create certain perceptions among the general readership? I've been reading and commenting on this blog for close to 7 years now and the 2 or 3 daily racialist commenters who showed up here after Trump's victory to spout off about immigration do not, IMHO, constitute a statistically material population of politically active types "triggered" by Trump to create racial tension. That whole concept seems like something developed in a CNN or Google staff meeting and it serves one side of the legitimate debate.

    5. Evan and Francisco are certainly triggered. So what?

    6. Franco likes throw around the word 'racism' like any leftist, but won't move to Port a Potty Haiti, an African country, or any American city in area filled with violent criminal blacks. He is a true coward of the libertardian movement. He still can't show me how Africans are even remotely equal to white Europeans who built the world.

    7. @Hollow Daze

      I hope you are right. For a long time, I assumed these people were just internet trolls. But now I’m not so sure.

    8. Re: AJO,

      --- Francisco, you have shown your anger on here before ---

      Oooh, "anger"! Scary!

      Be careful not to crap your pants. It certainly sounds like you scare very easily that you would point out to my "anger".

      Or you're making rubbish up. Which is it?

    9. @Hollow Haze,

      No, I don't think so. Trump's "shithole" epithet towards people of certain countries didn't come out of nowhere.

      I used to think that some who were commenting in Townhall dot com against Linda Chavez' essays on immigration matters, comments that were ugly and unsavory, were the work of false-flags purveyors from the left. But after being on the receiving end of nasty comments ti my comments from different people, it was clear to me that people who fantasize about white European men like Lab Manager and others are quite numerous and that they were waiting for someone like Trump to feel vindicated and validated.

    10. @Torres: Is it those saying the same things as TLM, or those that simply disagree with you to some extent, that are quite numerous? For all I know you are TLM or Paul Hansen. Other than your repartee with these folks, the amount of "da rayciss" "triggered by Trump" is nil on this site.

    11. Re: Hollow Haze,

      --- Is it those saying the same things as TLM, or those that simply disagree with you to some extent, that are quite numerous? ---

      Oh, I'm not talking about people who "disagreed" with me or Linda Chavez or John Stossel, etc. No, Hollow. These were really nasty pieces of work who spewed economically illiterate pap between such pearls as "you must be a wetback" or "let's shoot all illegulz!".

      --- For all I know you are TLM or Paul Hansen ---

      But I'm neither. And I didn't start the colorful exchange with Lab, or Paul Hansen nor JamieInTexas. They went after me. Just like they go after Wenzel. Same way.

  3. Doesn't pass the smell test. I'm betting he's a Leftie, trying to appear as a violent Trump supporter. I mean, he first opens his shirt to make it helpfully clear he's a Trump supporter...and only then loses his cool and makes violent statements and gestures? This has all the hallmarks of a set-up or false-flag itself.

  4. Yeah, libertardianism where we want the entire turd world hordes to come over here and crap everywhere. The egalitarian nonsense is one issue with libertarianism. What an alternative.

  5. Trump is to the left of virtually all American presidents on the subject of immigration. If he is "triggering racial tension" then they were borderline Nazis, and now you've arrived at the left's version of history.

    1. Isn't the racial tension coming from the left? Seeing racists under the bed coming to suppress them. By borderline Nazis, do you mean borderline National Socialists? That would be very left.

    2. @Tom Woods

      Love your work, but Trump said that Mexican immigrants are murderers and rapists, proposed a Berlin Wall along the Mexican border, and blames US unemployment on trade with China.

      I get that we’ve had many despicable presidents in the past, but what other recent president has so openly fomented xenophobia among the masses?

    3. Being misunderstood libertarians, we are often accused of racism by confused people. My guess is that Dr. Woods has encountered this in academia. This leaves us with the impression that some people just see racism everywhere, and there panicky cries can be easily dismissed.

      BUT just because we are not racists does not mean that the racists those on the left imagine are not really our there.

      IN a democracy there is nothing more dangerous than a ruled up racial majority. There simply is no mechanism for restraining it. They're a majority and it's a democracy. The Right is importing identity politics from the left and the results will be devastating. The left's scalability is restrained by it's cultural goofiness and limited recruitment field. There are only so many transgendered immigrants. The Right does not have this problem. You dismiss it because it's fun to watch smug leftists panic. I get it. I like it too. But you are whistling past the graveyard.

      I'm not afraid of the college kids on the left. No leftists has ever taken me to his ranch to ride in the tank and fire the cannon.

    4. Re: Tom Woods,

      ─ Trump is to the left of virtually all American presidents on the subject of immigration. ─

      Professor Woods, with all due respect, but you're full of air. Do you consider limiting LEGAL immigration to levels not seen since the 1920's being "on the left" of all other presidents? Is wanting to reduce family-sponsored immigration being "on the left" of all other presidents?

      Whereas there were presidents with even worse views on immigrants than Trump is not really the issue. It's the rhetoric. It's the shameless vitriol against peaceful individuals who want nothing more than work and thrive, no matter where they're coming from: China, Australia, Mexico or Timbuktu.

      ─ If he is "triggering racial tension" then they were borderline Nazis ─

      Who, Trumpistas? Or everyone else?

    5. Francisco, why are you are always defending the left? If you leave your uncontrollable emotion behind, you'll find that Tom Woods had done more for freedom in this lost country than I or you ever will. But as long as immigration gets fixed........

    6. Re: AJO,

      --- Francisco, why are you are always defending the left? ---

      How quaint: An intellectually dishonest, loaded question. I haven't seen one of those since that time a Marxian asked me why I defended big capital.

      --- Tom Woods had done more for freedom[...] ---

      I have many of his books, including perhaps every P.I.G. book he has published. And he is still WRONG about Trump and immigration.

    7. Dr. Woods

      Establishing a Berlin wall is as far left as one can get. Restricting the free movement of productive labor, based on any arbitrary factor, is a deplorable position that puts the State between labor and employers. That, sir, is the Statist/leftist position. You're becoming a mouthpiece for the State.

    8. And yet, mash, the State seems to approve of particular forms of mass migration. The state apparatus reveals nothing but enthusiasm for immigration. Now why do you suppose that is? They've suddenly come to appreciate libertarianism?

    9. @Tom Woods

      That’s like saying that libertarians should oppose free speech and the right to bear arms because the state wrote the bill of rights.

    10. Because they know you will react to it by asking for a police state. Why wait for immigration to engorge the state? Tom has a plan for cutting out the middleman!

    11. Also....

      " The state apparatus reveals nothing but enthusiasm for immigration."

      This is complete nonsense, Tom. What about the armed government goons running around knocking down doors and dragging people away? Are they not part of the state? Is there any part of the state that is so enthusiastic in it's support for immigration that it kicks down doors and forcibly delivers immigrants onto property where they're not wanted?

      You are confusing the attitudes of the elite with the actual action where the rubber meets the road. Obama had lots of nice things to say about immigrants... and he sent armed goon squads around to kick down doors and drag them away. Of course as Austrians we know that preference is demonstrated by actions and not words.....

    12. Libertarians rightly point out that there is no such thing as “the will of the people,” since society has many different individuals with different preferences. But sometimes we forget that, likewise, there really is no “will of the state,” since that body also comprises many different individuals with different interests. There is some commonality among those at the state, namely, that they use force to satisfy their preferences, and sometimes it does seem that most, if not all, of those at the state believe in the same thing (e.g., taxation, war, the Fed, etc.). However, I don’t think immigration is one of these things. Some individuals at the state prefer to restrict immigration of certain groups, since this curries favor with certain power bases, and others prefer to expand immigration of certain groups, since this curries favor with other power bases.

  6. Trump's an ass. He wrong on immigration, and most other things. But this kind of generalization of anecdotal -- possibly false-flag -- specifics to some kind of generalized conclusion about Trump supporters is also bad. It's exactly the same kind of logic the "climate change" crowd uses when a bad hurricane is "proof" of their hypothesis.

  7. "Triggering racial tension" is a B.S. phrase. Diversity itself "triggers racial tension". MLK "triggered racial tension". I guess Milo yannopolus is guilty of "triggering" all kinds of people.

  8. This is really getting tired. OMG A Trump support said something racist! It's Trumps fault!
    NO! This is a NATURAL REACTION to the lefts CONSTANT barrage of 'white people suck' and 'blame whitey' etc. etc. etc. Eventually, white people say, 'fuck you, you suck'. Normal people, non-racist people, are sick and tired of being called racist at every turn.
    As a white guy, if another white guy is rude I have to chop it up as that guy is an asshole. IF I am black and a white guy is rude, I say racist. Same situation, different result simply because of skin color. What you focus on expands. If you focus on viewing the world through race, you'll find racism everywhere. Just ask Francisco 'Worst Commentator on the Site' Torres.
    Quite weird the guy would do this with a camera in his face.... unless of course this was the plan. It's not like lefties are FAKING RACISM to prove their point... oh wait...

    1. Re: Rob,
      ─ A Trump support said something racist! It's Trumps fault! ─

      It's quite easy as that because of Trump, the man.

      When Marxians accused Ron Paul of being a racist or promoting racism, I defended Dr. Paul at all times: at Reason, Townhall, The Blaze, you name it, because the accusations were baseless. Paul is a gentleman and an individualist. I read most books by Paul, heard almost all his speeches. Not ONCE did he ever say anything close to racist, au contraire. The accusations against Paul were thus facile and slanderous.

      But Trump is a totally different matter. He said in an unequivocal way that more than half of immigrants from Mexico are rapists, drug dealers and criminals, with only some being "good people", he assumed. He insists that immigrants take jobs from Americans. That's exactly like saying that immigrants are coming here taking something that belongs to others, or stealing - despite the fact that jobs belong to EMPLOYERS, not to "Americans".

      ─ If you focus on viewing the world through race [...] ─

      You must be joking. Are you seriously accusing Wenzel of seeing things through race? Have you not read the racists mutterings from Lab Manager et al.?