Friday, February 23, 2018

Trump Sets Date for Military Parade

The president has directed the Department of Defense to organize a parade that would take place on Nov. 11 – Veterans Day – according to an unclassified Feb. 20 memo written by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, reports Politico.

I wonder if Libertarians for Trump will be along the parade route cheering.

They could wear this T-shirt:



  1. I am happy Not Hillary got elected. Let Trump have a military parade every month for the rest of his term in office.

  2. I read someone speculate that Trump is so effusive towards the military as protection against assassination by the Deep State. Not my idea but certainly plausible.

  3. But for the fact we have to pay for this, I'd be in favor of the parade if they'd bring home for it and showcase all US troops and equipment located outside the US. And then leave them here.

  4. High level pool players aren't actually solving complex differential equations in their heads, but you can make reasonably accurate predictions about their behavior by assuming they are.

    There is no omnipotent unified cabal pulling strings and steering events toward totalitarian America, but you can make reasonably accurate predictions about the future as though there were.

    If there were a cabal using Trump as a puppet and they really want to ratchet up the crazy....and they have any sense of irony... I wouldn't be surprised if some crazy pissed off vet tries to whack Trump at his stupid little parade. What a shitshow that will be.