Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thomas Sowell on Millennials: He's Not Very Optimistic...

...and he's right.
br /> -RW 


  1. Has there ever been a time when old people DIDN’T worry that young people would mess up the world?

  2. LOL. Now apply his viewpoints to boomercucks who ignore evidence of racial demographics and think that every Jamal and Paco are the same as Thomas Sowell and Jesus de Soto.

  3. Boomers raised Millennials (who Sowell did not directly refer to in this clip) so bare a lot or the responsibility for them. How did Boomers turn out the way they are and who is responsible for that? How far do we go back?

    Parents should be responsible for their children. This responsibility has shifted more and more over time toward the government; mainly due to government control of education. This shift has been allowed and has snowballed. Most people are not dumb they are just lazy so things are unlikely to change until that snowball rolls over enough of what they care about.