Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Role of Murray Sabrin in Advancing Liberty

I see at the post, The Political Establishment’s Betrayal of the Republic, Murray Sabrin is being attacked because he is running for public office. Specifically, he is seeking the nomination to run for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey on the Libertarian Party ticket.

It is true that almost all politicians are just occupying space here on earth until God finds room for them on a lower floor in hell. And no respect should be given to politicians (not even Donald Trump). They are all desperate power freaks who will say anything and do anything to hold and advance their personal power. Intellectual spit should be hurled at all of them.

But everyone once in a great while a man comes along to break this generalization. Ron Paul was such a man. He was more interested in advancing the ideas of liberty than in gaining power. He stood on principle and preached the wonders of liberty. He turned the politician's podium against the politicians and spoke of less power.

And he did something remarkable, by sticking to principle, he introduced libertarianism to a large number of people, especially young people. I am being conservative here but my guess is that at least 30% of those who consider themselves libertarians today do so because of Ron Paul. That was a great gift to libertarianism.

We need more people "running" for office like Dr. Paul. It's fine for me if they lose. I just want them speaking about liberty in the den of the devil central planners so that maybe a few independent thinking individuals will hear and begin to explore the idea of less government---and maybe zero government.

I believe that Murray Sabrin will launch such a campaign. His campaign is not about gaining power. It is not about being pissed because the crony power establishment will use technical rules to minimize Murray's campaign. That's to be expected. It tells you they know who they need to fear. They know who is not playing the crony power game.

I fully anticipate that Murray will put out a message of liberty that will reach many. His message will be to shrink the power of government because it is evil and liberty is the way to go. This is the message I want told on campaigns. Not nuanced and distorted libertarian messages to get elected.

If Murray, just once, says something just to get elected and twists the libertarian message, I will go after him with more fever than I go after Trump. I will be a one man Sabrin Derangement Syndrome task force.

But I do not expect this to be necessary. I know Murray. I expect him to take the liberty message behind enemy lines and to the political halls in New Jersey from Weehawken to Secaucus to Trenton to introduce the idea of liberty in those halls to the few who are listening for truth.

This will be a noble effort that should be encouraged. There is nothing wrong with eating the beast from within, provided we make it a feast.


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  1. I think Murray just needs that scandalous moment that makes him noticed. It should be something similar to how Ron Paul had with Giuliani or that Jordan Peterson had with Cathy Newman.