Friday, February 2, 2018

The Nunes Memo and the Arrogance of Power

Okay, so I read the Nunes memo.

The memo reminds us all of the dangers of pockets of government power and how arrogant men can get when they are at the epicenter of one of the pockets, when they believe those above them will allow them to get away with pretty much anything.

This is most certainly what the memo reveals to us about the DOJ and the FBI during the final hours of the Obama administration.

But now my focus is elsewhere. The new emboldened power centers under Trump are immigration agents and the military.

Immigration lawyers tell me that ICE agents feel more empowered than ever and are willing to skate the rules because they know the Trump administration will back them up. And who the hell knows what evil plots the military is in the middle of given Trump's infatuation with them.

So yeah, recognize the arrogant power exercised by the FBI and DOJ under Obama. The President and other Republican members of Congress will most surely remind us of these evil doings.

But just remember, these power centers haven't been eliminated under Trump and, worse, even more power centers are moving to center stage under Trump. The arrogance of power will continue. Until the power centers are themselves shutdown, and few are pointing this out.



  1. this is an exercise in "will the American people swallow this" because elections won't be worth a damn (if they ever were) after now.

    1. Without a doubt Heath and the pockets will sit back smug knowing that even if the idiocrazy does hem and haw, the march toward totalitarianism will continue and their will remains uncontested.

      They didnt get to be the leading terrorist org in the world by being thwarted!

  2. This sounds like a press release from Move On, Robert...Wonder if you will be so flippant about all this corruption when the OIG report (1.2 million pages) comes out in a few weeks. What if SHE had WON? We would never know ANY of this - let alone all the other Obama admin corruption (including funding of ISIS, etc.) Really? You're whole summation is "yeah this was bad, but Trump's immigration policy, whoa!" Please get some perspective on this - This was an effort to use GOVERNMENT POWER to collude and subvert an election (no prosecution of Clinton Foundation or email violations covering said corruption while at same time launching an investigation into the rival campaign, leaking classified info to press allies, and then seeking to overturn results of election and OVERTHROW elected President) - and this has dominated the nation's business for OVER ONE YEAR! Yes, that's a lot of crimes including TREASON! But, hey - what's treason to a libertarian anyway? It's not like you care about borders or nations - or enforcing laws, right?

  3. Julian Assange: this is high treason and people need to be prosecuted.
    RW: Trump is dangerous

    1. No, RW said ALL government is dangerous, no matter who is in power. We're in a colossal game of whack-a-mole, where we're clutching our pearls, aghast at the newly-discovered outrage before us...while behind us other outrages are metastasizing under the new party/new regime.

  4. Waa anyone really surprised that RussiaGate was a hoax perpetrated by collusion between the Obama administration and the FBI? The scope of the corruption is pretty mind boggling though. (Comey has needlessly trashed his sterling reputation built up over a long career. Gone in a flash.)

    I also have no doubt that Mueller knew it was a hoax all along. Probably won't stop his investigation though. He's got a good gig going.

    But the absolute worst part about it all is that we are paying for all this with our taxes.

  5. This is not a summary of what the memo even said. You may as well have said "I'm not against illegal immigration, but if you're interested in this memo that everyone's in a frenzy about, go read it yourself on the website "scribed""