Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Masses are Going Insane Demanding More Gun Control

They are in full miswired emotion and logic mode.

Dana Loesch explains what happened to her at last night's CNN town hall.


  1. These are not "masses". These are paid "protesters" (or hand-picked partisan volunteers).

  2. Great, so only government agents and the military will be armed. That makes be feel very comfortable.

    1. They have convinced the idiocracy to beg for false security when the FBI actively ignores the crazy public assets like the guy in Fla. - hoping to use them to a strategic end. The massive psychotropics prescribed to the young masses is just the icing on the cake.

  3. Thus is just another sequel #10 or #20 or so... tragic, but made worse by government (e.g. FBI) incompetence and leftwing frothing at the mouth.
    Was watching the media try to set up and manipulate "NRA" members at CPAC today. Went to see former SSA Bongino who recently pushed a von Mises Inst article debunking bogus US violence comparisons with other developed countries. We've been here before. Just got to buck up. Molon Labe.

  4. 1. Libertarians have no media platform with which to dispute the endless unprecedented MSM lies about almost everything. Trump may destroy the human race but he's not the reason libertarianism is in trouble. His strangeness has drawn out and exposed the insanity in all of our opponents.

    2. Are there any statistics about how many "assault weapons" there are in private hands and how many are used for murder each year? It must be less than the approximately 350 murders a year committed with rifles, and contained within that category.

    3. I have noted that none of the gun grabbers or the MSM mention the number of rifle murders per year. This chart seems to say that Utah, Idaho, South Dakota and Wyoming (gun rack states) had a total of two rifle murders in 2016. What a crisis.

  5. Just saw a Tucker Carlson interview where a survivor of the last shooting was asked to write questions for a public event run by CNN and he wrote some that had to do with arming teachers or getting veterans to work security, but they changed his question to one they wrotw and told him he has to read it and "stick to the script". Again this is a kid that was there and list friends. He declined to read it and didn't attend.

  6. They may be able to ban a little this or that, and the jackass governor in Florida wanting to raise the age of purchasing a gun may pull that off, but maybe not, and I don’t see how that wouldn’t be overturned in a lawsuit.
    Dumbass Trump and Gov. Scott both love to send your 17-18 year old kids to kill for them across the oceans and have multiple mass shootings, of men women and children, but they don’t want a 20 year old to be able to defend himself in America with a gun.
    As far as banning AR-15’s and such, they can pass whatever law they are stupid enough to pass, but Connecticut already proved Americans will just give them the finger.