Monday, February 19, 2018

Progressive Totalitarians and Nativist Nationalists in Our Midst

Richard Ebeling emails:

Dear Bob,

My latest article on the website of the Future of Freedom Foundation is on, “Progressive Totalitarians and Nativist Nationalists in Our Midst.”

The apparent polarization of American politics pits two groups in opposition to each other: the progressives on the political left and conservatives, especially those who support Donald Trump, on the political right. Both share one fundamental thing in common: they want control of government to impose their visions on the country.

The progressives want a bigger and more intrusive interventionist-welfare state. But pulling all progressives in a far more radical direction are the “identity politics” totalitarians determined to fundamentally undermine the traditional system of individualism, personal liberty and free association. Armed with the language weaponry of “diversity” and “inclusion,” they are determined to centrally plan thought, action, and human relationships, as well as assigning rewards and meting out punishments for all based on whether anyone is pigeon-holed as an “oppressed” gender or racial group versus a member of the “privileged” oppressor class. Their goal is a political-cultural dictatorship over everyone in society based upon race/gender collectivism.

On the other side is their archenemy, Donald Trump, who they are convinced is about to impose his own dictatorship with the next tweet he posts. Trump’s mind and policy worldview reflects some of the most illogical and atavistic ideas about trade, immigration and using government to make America “great.” His ignorance about the balance of trade and trade deficits would make even a seventeenth century Mercantilist blush with embarrassment. And his views on immigration demonstrate not only a lack of appreciation for human freedom, but indicate an equal ignorance about the benefits from a system of division of labor for enhanced human betterment. Plus, his words carry the tinge of racial bias, whether that is what he really believes or not.

The progressive totalitarians and the native nationalist Trumpitarians both each consider other as mortal enemies, and their fight is over the levers of government power to impose their respective collectivist visions on everyone in society. Lost in the debate is the only real basis for human harmony, economic betterment, and social peace: classical liberalism and a truly free market.




  1. Actually his basic premise is incorrect. Those on the right don't wsnt control of the government to impose their will on others. They want the government and their overlord corporations to leave them the f*ck alone.

    1. Re: Robeet What?

      --- Those on the right don't wsnt control of the government to impose their will on others ---


    2. Are you a 'bot? Your last answer to me was exactly the same.

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  3. It's the damnedest thing, I don't see one single black or brown face on the FFF 'team'. They must be racist.