Thursday, February 8, 2018

'Politico' Sexual Harassment Expose Concerning Former Cato President

I reported last week that this story was about to drop.

Politico reports that three former employees of Cato Institute say they were sexually harassed by Ed Crane, the 73-year-old co-founder and president emeritus of the think tank.

One former employee said Crane asked her to take off her bra. Another said he compared her breasts to pornographic images on his computer. A third said he sent her an email on breast augmentation. Crane also settled an additional sexual harassment claim by a former employee in 2012, according to Politico.

James Davis, a spokesperson for the Koch brothers, who founded Cato along with Crane and Murray Rothbatd (Rothbard later split with the Kochs and Crane), said that they found out about the 2012 sexual harassment settlement in the midst of their dispute with Crane, at a time when they were already seeking to remove him as president.

Crane retains the title of president emeritus at Cato and was paid more than $400,000 annually from  think tank in the years after he left, but a Cato spokesperson said his consulting contract has ended and he no longer is employed by the think tank.

“This is ridiculous,” Crane said, when confronted with the complaints. He added that he had a stroke last year, which affected his memory.

But Justin Raimondo is correct:
There are other reporters out there that have details on much more serious sexual harassment stories against well respected former Cato policy analysts.

Cato is very afraid that the Politico story may launch a avalanche of reporting that digs into these stories.


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