Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Medical Care Twisted Logic From the Evil Ezekiel Emanuel

If you haven't had a good belly laugh today, I urge you to read the essay What Medicare Could Learn From Netflix that appears in The Wall Street Journal and is co-authored by Bob Kocher and the evil Ezekiel J. Emanuel, both of whom want to plan your medical care.

In their latest twisted push, these two recognize that government Medicare is being gamed by insurance companies. They also recognize that they don't have the answer on how to stop the gaming. So their recommendation is to run a contest to get greater participation from the general public on how to solve the problem.

Got that?

A government healthcare program is being gamed.

Emanuel and Kocher don't have a solution.

They want to throw it open to the general public.

But what these two hardcore central planners don't get is that free markets can't be gamed and that free markets are always about opening solutions to the general public.

These two hate free markets so much that they won't even discuss it as an option. They want to run a contest to sort-of mimic free market openness and then get back to their closed central planning.

What a couple of technocratic, inside the intervention machine, clowns.


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  1. It’s almost as if the central planners render themselves incapable of making rational economic calculations once they sufficiently distort the market’s price mechanisms...

    Who knew?!?