Friday, February 2, 2018

Kissinger Warns On Pre-Emptive Attack on North Korea

President Nixon’s former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, testified before the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee last week, reports PJ Media. The topic of a preemptive strike against North Korea came up.

He said “We will hit that fork in the road, and the temptation to deal with it with a pre-emptive attack is strong, and the argument is rational, but I have seen no public statement by any leading official. But in any event, my own thinking, I would be very concerned by any unilateral American war at the borders of China and Russia, in which we are not supported by a significant part of the world, or at least of the Asian world.”

So he isn't completely against an attack but at least he is a voice of caution. When a war criminal like Kissinger is a voice of caution, you know we are in trouble.



  1. Do people honestly think Russia and China wont do a thing if there is a war right on their borders?

  2. Pre-emptive anything is a guaranteed world war and the milcom is rubbing its hands together in anticipation.