Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Jordan Peterson on Homeschooling



  1. Ahem... Ron Paul Home School ?? BTW, back in the late '90's, my kids made it into U.C.S.C. thanks to home schooling with Indiana University AP classes to goose their GPA's.

  2. This guy's sudden popularity among the libertarian set is curious to me. A seemingly "conservative" Canadian professor thinks homeschooling is "complicated and difficult"? If you mean it takes time, some resources, and most of all, a desire to be with and educate your children, you'd be correct. Otherwise, I think Prof. Petersen is trying to protect the mystique of his racket.

    He's also actually promoting a kind of double standard here. If you homeschool, you need to be great. If you're not, woe be unto the child. Gov schools, on the other hand, can just be assumed to be bad, continue on ad infinitum, and not necessarily harm a child because "consensus." Huh? As if there is some diversity of thought that finds its way into gov school curriculums via consensus.

    1. Hollow —

      In Ohio, homeschooled students must be at or above the 25th percentile or the local superintendent has to review and approve the continuation of homeschooling.

      The compliant from the state teachers union is the 25th percentile is too low, since all students need to perform better.

      The 25th percentile?!? As if one can construct a system where no one is below that level, without the iron bed of Procrustes, of course,

      I was, and still am, flabbergasted by that argument. And that is the level of knowledge in government schools.

  3. Homeschooling your kids is more complicated and difficult than just getting them on a bus every morning and not having to interact with them for the next 7 or more hours.
    I don’t know if he understands how dangerous the public indoctrination systems really are.
    I honestly think that if your child can learn to read at home, and nothing else, he/she is better off than going to public school.
    Really, I don’t see anything that a public school offers that isn’t much better than the kids stayin at home.
    Even if you don’t teach your kids any formal learning at all, it’s better than them going to public schools. The odds of losing them to the dark side are too great. Why let them be endoctrinated for 7 hours a day and then try to unteach what they are taught?
    Worrying about a over controlling mom at home is ridiculous too. Over controlling mom or socialist social justice indoctrination? Kids can learn how to deal with mom.
    For folks who love Liberty, this is just a no brainer to me.

  4. Here I am trolling Peterson on TargetLiberty yet again. But, seriously, his basis is Freud. Hello?!? Freud. Last time I checked it was 2018 and Freud was debunked decades ago.

    In the main, he spouts the obvious obfuscated by Nietzsche, Freud, Jung, etc. Rehashing the philosophic nonsense of the last century is not what I call insight.

    Though I do appreciate his defense of HIS freedom of speech. Beyond that, he is the epitome of what was wrong with academia decades ago.

    Note: This king has no clothes.

  5. I completely agree with the above commenters. Politically Peterson appears to be a progressive struggling with the obvious failures of socialism. He rails against the social justice warriors and in another lecture slyly comments that his daughter is a "dirty little capitalist." Psychologically he seems broken beyond repair. He tells his students they are all "sacrificial entities." They "have no choice about this." Their only choice is what sacrifice they will make." This is not a healthy human being.

  6. Brian --

    I agree. But it all makes sense when you understand where he is coming from. His philosophic and intellectual basis is Nietzsche and existentialism. All angst, dread, and despair. Not a healthy way to live life or, more importantly, guide the lives of others.