Sunday, February 4, 2018

I No Longer Consider Any Trump Supporters Libertarians

Ok, this is enough. I will no longer consider anyone who supports President Donald Trump from this point forward a libertarian. Expansion of the terms of nuclear engagement is simply horrific. This is just about the worst thing a president could do.

I would condemn a president who had free market instincts if he did this but Trump doesn't even have that. He is pretty much bad from start to finish.

This is what has me riled up:

The Russian government reacted with “alarm” Saturday, and rightfully so, to a Trump administration plan to allow the use of “low-yield” nuclear weapons against non-nuclear attacks, reports the New York Post.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said a newly released Pentagon document on US nuclear policy is “confrontational.”

“We, of course, will have to take into account the approach enacted now in Washington and to take the needed measures to secure our own safety,” the ministry said.

The Russians were responding to the Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review, a document released Friday that outlined an expansion of the US nuclear arsenal and a shift in the rules regarding their use.

The US will consider using such weapons to defend against “significant non- nuclear strategic attacks” on civilians or infrastructure — but only in “extreme circumstances.”

There is just no way you can be a libertarian and support a president taking these steps.



  1. I'm with you RW! I voted for Trump, but he is no libertardian. I'm for kicking the illegal immigrants out of Amerika and the legal ones as well. White European males are awesome and superior to any other culture or race. I look to anyone to challenge my assertion.

    I voted for Ron Paul and even sent $$$ to his campaign.

    1. Within the context of this article, several points are worth noting: White European males invented nuclear weapons; to date, only White European males have deployed them in battle; much as one may assert the superiority of White European males, males of other races have learned to develop nuclear weapons of their own.

      Failure to recognize the humanity in every person is a giant step towards ensuring humans, including White European males, will have at best a brutish and barren future.

    2. Re: The Lab Manager,

      --- White European males are awesome and superior to any other culture or race. I look to anyone to challenge my assertion. ---

      While I guess I could be just as amused by your homoerotic fantasies as the next guy, I just wouldn't care to get involved in judging the kind of beauty contest like the one you propose.

  2. That's okay, we gave up the label long ago when you leftists took it over.

  3. The time has long since passed for Walter Block to decisively repudiate Donald Trump. The fundamental idea of LFT was dubious at its core but at least all principled libertarians could agree to disagree about it. Any support whatsoever for Trump today, however, is nothing less than delusional.

    In 2016, Dr. Block's core argument was that "Donald is our last best chance of averting a nuclear war." He argued that foreign policy was by far the most important criteria for judging a candidate, that we needed someone who would end NATO and get along with Putin, that a second President Clinton would be more likely to usher in World War III.

    In 2018, a Clinton presidency is irrelevant. We now have a warmonger-in-chief whose administration has enhanced and defended the global empire, has failed to dissolve NATO, continues to provoke Russia (such as yesterday's events in Syria yesterday), is making a budgetary push to equip our military to engage Russia and China simultaneously, and now ratchets up the threat of nuclear confrontation to levels not seen in decades.

    Like Dr. Block, every lover of liberty--and even many a collectivist--opposes the idea of nuclear confrontation with every fiber of our being. Anyone who considers themselves to be a libertarian must unequivocally renounce and condemn Donald Trump. It's time to end the charade that his presidency has been and will be anything less than a disaster for freedom.

  4. --- I will no longer consider anyone who supports President Donald Trump from this point forward a libertarian. ---

    I don't think you ever did, you just didn't want to believe the people you thought you knew would suddenly support a protectionist, a bigot, a liar, an anti-market ignoramus, a narcissist, a sexual predator, all because Trump assured them he is anti-war... or so they said.

    1. What makes a Trump a sexual predator? He never raped any of the women he was with unlike Clinton and Ted Kennedy. Thanks for showing your stupidity once again.

      As a side note, maybe you could show me the African industrial revolution, enlightenment, space program.

    2. Re: The Lab Mismanager,

      In his own words: "You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. ****I don't even wait****. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the You can do anything."

      That's not Harvey Weinstein who said it. That was Trump.

      And I don't have an interest in validating your homo-erotic fantasies about white European men, Mismanager. Oh, be sure to clean after yourself when you're done.

    3. Re: Francisco

      "...they LET you do it"

      That's called consent, jerkoff.

    4. Re: Paul Hansen,

      Sure. Even Weinstein thought the same thing: they just let you do it.


  5. So you would rather a woman that stole the election from Bernie Sanders,Jeopardized our National Security, has been accused of pedophilism as well as cannabilism, murder,intimidation and full of corruption run this country?You all some Stupid Stupid People You reap what you sow !

    1. Re: A Mile Hi Se.... Oh, I give up.

      ─ So you would rather a woman that stole the election from Bernie Sanders[...] blah, blah, false dilemma, blah, blah, false dilemma ─

      The thought that Hitlery would be a worse warmonger than the p...y-grabber and Racial Expert-in-chief himself is something that defies rationality, not to mention that if we had a Hillary administration and if the economy goes Kablooey! in her face, then who would seriously blame Capitalism for it. Instead, for not better but much, much worse, Trump is the face of Capitalism for at least a generation.

      So, yeah, perhaps a Hitlery administration would not be so hot, either, but it can't be much worse, plus it would've made our efforts at promoting liberty and markets much easier.

  6. Ruski Wenzel thinks only Russia should have modern nuclear weapons.

  7. North Korean military including reserves: 10 million.
    US Army in NK: 28 thousand.
    Unless you are a member of Libertarians for Little Rocket Man, this will save lives.

    1. Re: PH,

      ─ US Army in NK: 28 thousand. ─

      The US doesn't have troops in NK [aka North Korea]. You are either thinking of South Korea or dead G.I.'s.

    2. You are correct. South Korea.