Sunday, February 25, 2018

Damore is Wrong: End the NLRB!

Here is a perfect example of how conservatives are just on the right side of the government power spectrum and not necessarily against government power.

James Damore tweets this out.
Notice that the FOX News anchor is also up in arms for Google trying to decreases the power of the NLRB.

Libertarians, of course, should cheer the shrinkage of government always and everywhere.

Go Google!



  1. Shouldn't Google be trying to reduce the Asian workforce to help diversity because their Indian workforce is disproportionately large?

    Should Google also try to balance the number of lactose intolerant, gluten free, left handed transsexual employees?

    1. Don't forget about the cripples, er, I mean, handicapped people. Think of all those leg-privileged people walking around there, not realizing how lucky they are.

  2. Libertarians are just weak passive shills for the neoliberal status quo, it turns out.