Friday, February 9, 2018

Call for Violence Against Rand Paul

Rand Paul heroically protested out-of-control government spending by temporarily shutting down the Federal government and this was some of the response.

Robert WenzelTweet text


  1. Threats of violence? Really?

    I, for one, would be honored to be Rand Paul's neighbor.

  2. 40 years of left libertarians sucking up to the "progressives", avoiding any mention of the option of traditional and/or religious lifestyles which are inherent in libertarianism, have certainly paid off with the high levels of respect we're always shown by "progressives".

  3. All I see in this article are examples of clueless people on Twitter spouting out nonsense over something that is outside their comprehension. We move closer and closer to that movie Idiocracy becoming reality.

  4. Dogs will certainly bite when you take their meal from them.

    1. Exactly. Good to see the US military is showing its usual professionalism too. Looks like a couple military dudes commenting.

  5. Won't the FBI or secret service have to follow up on these? Even Bette Midler? These are open threats of violence. Not advocating either agency, asking a genuine question.

  6. Are these the people with the signs hate has no home here?