Friday, February 9, 2018

Bette Midler Jokes About Another Attack on Rand Paul

Thomas DiLorenzo reports:
Another Potty-Mouthed Hollywood Slut, This Time Bette Midler . . .

. . . publicly wishes violence to be perpetrated against a non-commie politician, namely, Rand Paul.  She wants him to be attacked again and to suffer a few more broken ribs for the “crime” of opposing runaway federal government spending.  So much for their flaky, juvenile, stupid PC theme of “love trumps hate.”


  1. Macaroni Midler:

  2. This is the kind of stuff we are hearing from leftist on a regular basis. This is why I don't care when a leftist like the BLM trash in New Orleans dies or blacks or other vermin of any race kill each other.

    I've yet to meet a leftist that has any real honor or decency. If I did not need potable water and electricity 24/7 and the food trucked in, a short civil war would be great to see who should be running things.

    These leftist idiots have infected every private and public sector of life and the economy.

  3. Maybe multimillionaire Bette was upset her taxes went up.