Friday, February 16, 2018

Antifa Intersectionalists Rage Against James Damore

By Andy Ngo

I belong to Freethinkers of Portland State University, a skeptic student group. On Saturday we’re hosting a panel on diversity featuring James Damore, the Google employee who was fired last July for writing a memo expressing heterodox views about sex disparities in the company’s workforce.

We expected controversy. But we also got danger. The left-wing newspaper Willamette Week published an article with a false and inflammatory headline: “Tech Bro Fired from Google for Saying Women Are Biologically Unfit to Be Engineers Will Speak at PSU Next Month.” The subheadline inaccurately attributed to Mr. Damore the view that “women can’t do math.

Campus activists called us misogynists, white supremacists, neo-Nazis. A person claiming to work for campus audiovisual services tweeted that he could break into our event through a back entrance and “literally turn the whole building off.” There were threats of violence. A Facebook user—it’s not clear if he’s connected to PSU—suggested he’d throw “active grenades” at Mr. Damore onstage. Campus police took these threats seriously enough that they denied our request for a larger venue, despite overwhelming interest.

PDX Women in Tech, a local activist group, proclaimed itself “disheartened and appalled” that we were “engaging in discourse without an opposing viewpoint.” If they’d asked us, they’d have known we invited every tenured and tenure-track professor from the women’s studies department and were rebuffed. Meantime, the administration and student government have organized three counterevents to challenge “the notion that women do not generate ideas”—something Mr. Damore has never claimed. Opponents also attempted to deny our event an audience by hoarding the free tickets and not using them.

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  1. We peaceful people are being squeezed between the vise made by the ledt-wing Fascists and the right-wing Fascists, also known as Trumpistas.

    1. Well that’s the nature of democracy. It pits people against eachother.

  2. I would carry a sign that said "No Clinton, No Trump, No Presidents, No United States", without the other stuff.
    Back in the occupy wall street days, I had the president of the local occupy group on my radio show, and we had a fun debate, he was pretty much a commie, but he was confused at the end, because we were agreeing with some of his points, but had a different solution. The co-host of my show, gave him a copy of "The Law", told him to read it and they had lunch to discuss it. The guy was blown away because he had never heard the Libertarian point of view, and it made sense to him. This led to discussion group at our local university, and some formal debates.
    I am not saying all these Antifa commies would get it, but some, given the right approach, would.
    The person holding the sign would be a good start, you could have a fun discussion of why you don't want any of those things either, and see where it may go.
    The battle is still in the "ideas" phase, and Libertarians, need to know how to express their ideas in a way that wins.
    Kind of like the Apostle Paul, be all things to all people.
    Dr. Paul certainly showed us that correct ideas can win over a lot of folks.

    1. Word up. Most of the leftists I know have very strong libertarian instincts, they just st don't realize that that is what they are thinking. Unfortunately.most libertarians would rather butt heads over silly culture war stuff than turn non-libertarians into libertarians.

  3. I am looking at the fugly demonstrators in the picture and wondering, apart from waitressing, what skill any of those can offer a potential employer.