Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Getty Heir on Guns

Ann Getty
A woman with a lot of money but the logic-emotion wires crossed.

Former SF Mayor Willie Brown reports:
 Ann Getty was talking about the latest calls for gun control the other night in the aftermath of the Florida school massacre.

“The right to bear arms was guaranteed by the Founding Fathers under the Second Amendment,” she said. “We don’t need to change that. What we need to do is have it cover only the types of guns the Founding Fathers were talking about.

Not witty, stupid. Another one that wants to turn the country into a kill zone for the bad guys.



  1. She forgot artillery. The word used was "arms" for a reason.

  2. That's the old William Coors view (technology is frozen in time and thats's what the 2nd protects and only that) that Ed Fuelner (Heritage Foundation) used to in 1989 or 1990 to memo and get Pappy Bush to propose his own semi-auto gun ban and restrict imports of "black guns" in response to several high-profile-we-gotta-do-something incidents back then.

    Watch for Trump to squish out on this, too... we shall see.

  3. Does that apply to her security guards? The police? The military?

  4. Then her 1st Amendment rights should only be able to be executed via calligraphy on parchment posted on a pole in the town square.

    1. And tar and feathering is not considered cruel and unusual punishment for hypocritical politicians and their backers like this lady.

  5. Those that wrote and ratified the US Constitution certainly could not have foreseen some of today’s weaponry but knew there would be significant advances in the future.

    Does the fourth wife of Gordon Getty have any idea of the weapons available in the late 16th century? Take Steven Crowder with a grain of salt but this seems to check out: